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Hello to everyone, today I'm here with new wish list from new site that I recently heard.
Often in stores we can not find a nice clothes as we can find online. And then we ask ourselves if it's safe to shop clothes online, whether we will hit the size and most importantly whether the material will be good.

At present, they have great choices
 and a very large selection of everything, from dresses to bikinis,
tops and more.

Again, to my great joy I am writing this wish list, and I can say that the site has made me happy
 with the offer, as well as the quality of the things that I have chosen, because in the pictures it
looks much better than in others sites. Although I must admit that it is very difficult to choose a
couple of things for a wish list, let alone two or three for the order.
So let's started.

I do not have a lot of things, I chose two.

Of course, you know I love the flower pattern on the clothes.


In any case, you will be noticed, whatever you wear, a dress, a skirt, a jacket, a kit ... You can always fit jackets with flower motifs with a skirt or trousers in some quieter tones, as trousers or skirts with this motif are excellent with neutral shades. When dresses are concerned, carefully combine them with purses and shoes, the safest choice is black and tones are beige, although you can also choose for some of the colors that dominate the flowers. Perfect choice for evening hours or a festive occasion, they can be dressed with big flowers on a darker background, while the sleek models are a great choice for afternoon hours.

Also, they fit perfectly with the jeans, so you can wear this design every day. If you have too many flowers, there is enough detail to be in the trend, for example, echearms, jewelry, handkerchiefs or footwear.

I think that this white T-shirt I chose is great and is not too much flowers.

And the second choice is this beutiful blouse. Look that color! This color is modern, elegant, combines in every dress combination, and above all, it's a relaxing and positive color. Unlike traditional pink, the puder of pink contains sandy shades that make this color warmer and more pleasant and very elegant.

I just can't wait to get the package.


This is perhaps the most beautiful site I've ever worked with, have a beautiful choice of clothes and the prices are also good.
Please check:

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